This Morning

I woke up this morning when I suddenly realised that I must have overslept until ten-ish!


This is what happens when you are sleep deprived the night before doing….  well, I am a Mum Entrepreneur, I only sleeps like three or four hours per night.

U c how BZ I am?

Thank god Alhamdulillahirobbilalamin for Mr Hubby who helps and support me a lot when it comes to doing cooking cleaning laundry and taking care of our beloved only child (for now).

And then people ask me, when will the next children will be?

I will be….  ergk? Excuse me? I just gain my freedom to always be online on my computer (not just on my mobile fon) and starting my business, trying very hard to focus on them ….  I tell you, I totally had no idea being business person take TOO MUCH of my time but I still want to devout as much time to my growing baby right in front of me.

You see I am the kind of person who is not into working within those four walls in a cramped office whereby I need to clock in and clock out.  It is just soooo….  ordinary.

I remembered telling Mr Ayah or Mr Dad (my dad!) that I just want to be a freelancer.

I was in my final year of Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Design at Limkokwing that time.  We were on our way back home from grocery soping trip.

I had no idea that it only occured after….ten years!

Doing freelance now.  For real.

So sometimes you just need to be careful of what you are saying.

Your words are your prayers.

Like how people sed to be careful of what you wished for, it might come true.

And now it has.



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