This is the most beautiful hijab that I have ever worn that have some buttons at the head! How cute is this?



I even got another one for my mum in this colour:

mama punya _neda



For me, I decided to choose Neda Hijab because as a Qissara member, Qissara also sells other things like hijab or tudung for adults and children…. Like these ones for children:




or even these printed one (with free inner and small flower brooch):




Qissara mains selling point is actually the so-called Muslimah-breastfeeding friendly nursing clothes that covers your aurah, your modesty.

You see I want to be modest but I also want to be stylish in instilling the confidence inside of me.  So while I was looking for Qissara’s pretty nursing breastfeeding tops, I stumbled into Neda Hijab as I was looking for a hijab that would match with my top you see.

So I managed to pair it with this CardiMomma Nursing Blouse :

with cardimomma

feeling overly-gorgeous with it on the inside mostly as beauty is in the eye of the beholder…  yeah?

So if you are looking for such pretty Neda Hijab you can try to look for Neda Hijab agents on Instagram or google with hashtags #nedahijab.

The latest one seem to have printed ones like this:



Toodles and Assallamualaikum.

Jazakallahkhukhairan for reading.


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