Islamic Cruise

How catchy it is to be on an Islamic Cruise that has musicians performing, photoshoots, and lots of other activities for children and teenagers on an European ship, yet we still get to practice the Islamic way of life?


The Islamic Cruise that we went for our Wedding Anniversary getaway with our baby toddler son was organized by Pelayaran Islamik 18.0  that go to Penang – Singapore – Melaka – Penang.

By Islamic Cruise it was mostly being filled up with wonderful Islamic Spiritual presentations or activities such as experiencing Qiyammulail prayers everyday @4.00am in the wee morning, Alhijrah TV recording with  Ustaz Syamsul Debat and spending more time to short Islamic lectures like tazkirah or kultum (kuliah tujuh minit) at Maghrib/Isyak time and etc.

How cool is that!

It is an Islamic Cruise…….  You know, just because it is a posh cruise it does not mean it is meant to be for rich people….  Ummm…  I mean, have you ever thought that most of us were mostly sponsored? For e.g., those ‘opah-opah, atok-atok (grandparents or senior pensioned -citizen) who were on this Islamic cruise were mostly being sponsored by their adult-working children (that often find difficulties to get long holiday leave from work).

Their children….  Now as working adults, would like to return back all their love to their parents by sponsoring them to such trip as if saying,

“Mama, Ayah…I reckon that you deserve this cruise getaway.  You have spent so much time and money bringing us all up.

It is time for you to have your leisure time.

Look….  The cruise is not faraway either.

It is only within Malaysia.

Pelayaran Islamik 18.0 from Penang – Singapore – Melaka – Penang.

Hello….  how about going to Singapore or Melaka by ship this time, huh?”.

Such soleh/solehah adult – children they all are!

Anyway… because you are on a cruise do not think for a single second that it is a just a ship!

People…  like me, often think that it is only a ship to cruise on.

Oh was I wrong!!!

As first time parents to a running baby-toddler son who had just learn the art of running really tested our patience.

Why is that?

Here is the situation:

Your bedroom is located in the middle of the ship, cafeteria is at the front of the ship, pray area (common hall) is at the back of the ship.


And then there is the so-called assembly area for compulsory fire drill attendance at….  Back of the ship? Middle of the ship, near those emergency boats, next outside of the cafeteria or something like that.

The distance from the bedroom to walk out to the cafeteria feels like….  One to two blocks of walking or maybe more, okay! I feel like I am walking on a tawaf in Mekah because sometimes I had forgotten which part of the ship is the café! Meaning, I often end up going to the back of the ship whereby the café is actually at the FRONT of the ship….  Adding another three more blocks of walking.

However I am really amazed with all the opahs and atoks (*grandparents or senior citizen) that seems to be more stronger, walking faster than me, walking around the ship from one place to another.  It is like they were on an adrenaline rush.  Always on the go.

Masya Allah (Grace to Allah)!

I am so ashamed for being 35 years old, feeling exhausted, puffing running after our baby toddler son.

So I must say that after having went through thoroughly the whole four days three nights trip on that so-called Posh European Cruise, it is the BEST experience ever to be on a ship.  It is because we stayed inside the ship most of the time.

The only time we got down from the ship was only in Melaka.  It was only to visit this tahfiz school, as organized by Pelayaran Islamik themselves.  We were told that we only have two to three hours and after that we have to hurriedly go back to the huge ship for we have to follow the ship’s tight schedule to get moving back to Penang.


Overall….  If my family and I could get another chance to be on this Islamic Cruise again….we would love to be back and be more than happy to bring other close family members or relatives to join us….  In Sya Allah (With Allah’s will).




Us, with Imam Muda Azhar and his wife, Ustazah Shafinas.

Alhamdulillah for such amazing opportunity given to us.

(NOTE: If you want to bring your child onto the ship, they have to be more than 1 year+ or older ).

If you are interested to know more about this Islamic Cruise, you can call their hotline at 03 – 61850010 or Whatsapp them at +6019 6300755 or email them at

Alternatively you can check out the Islamic Cruise website yourself for more details information. Or google:


Toodles and Assallamualaikum.

Jazakallahkhuhairan and thank you for reading.


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