Oh My…. God….


Ya Allah!

Sooo many things need to be done when you need to insert your own pictures inside your blog!

I almost forgotten that you got to re-size the photo to 72 dpi and to 8-bit for on-screen website resolution to make the photo size smaller and faster to upload.

So much hassle for just one picture!

Imagine if you have…  lots and lots of pictures….  so many things to alter and stuff.


Now I know and remembered that updating a blog with your own sets of pictures are not that easy.

So like anyway, how’s my life?

My baby is turning two years old soon in May. So many smart things that he knows to do and I get excited at the same time as well sometimes….. I bet this is what all mothers feel, or my mother must have felt before when I was that young.

Oooooh….  I am excited myself to see him growing up everyday.


Toodles and Assallamualaikum.

Jazakkallahkhurairan and Thank you for reading.


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