Hanally Photography – More Than Just Photos

Have you ever heard about baby toddler photography service?

Or photography for children and maternity photoshoots?

Aha! This is were Hanally Photography comes in as they can also cater a special photoshoot range for your special photo-moments such as birthdays or anniversaries, and anything according to the customer’s request.

For your information, Hanally is actually a collaboration team of husband and wife of Ms Allyson Chooi and Mr Hansel Lee. They can also cater for Muslim parents who wants to put on more moderate clothes for their children.  As for me, I requested to have my One year old to be photographed in a white long robe (jubah)….  Thus making him looks like Prophet Noah.

nabi nuh_sayang muhammad

How cute is that?

So now…. I tell you….   you should really consider about looking at the services offered by Hanally Photography.

It is because….. Hanally Photography do not just do professional photoshoots for newborns, babies, toddlers or children, but they also do maternity and family portrait photoshoots at such reasonable price ranging from:
Baby Toddler photoshoot:

Baby Package of RM168 with:

4×6 Photo print (8 pcs)
8×12 Photo print (1 pcs)
Total of 3 Outfit changes (1 studio outfit + 2 customers own outfits)
Indoor photoshoot
Total 10 pcs soft copies same as hardcopy chosen by customers


Maternity photoshoot with:

Maternity Package of RM448

Album 4×6 10 pages

8×12 framed photo

Total costumes for photoshoot (1 studio costumed and 2 customers own costumes)

One Make up and  Hairdo

Indoor and outdoor photoshoot

Total 10pcs soft copies same as album


Located just within Petaling Jaya in Selangor, or more specifically at:

ABCDE Center A108M Kelana Parkview Condo, Jalan SS 6/2, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor.




Interestingly Hanally just got started in September 2016 and a FB page was setup later in November 2016.

But, but….  basically how did Hanally Photography begins, actually?

Well…..  Mr Hansel Lee started his own studio in Ipoh called Lovette wedding studio in 2014 after being a freelance photographer for many years. That is also the same year Ms Allyson had fallen in love with photography. Consequently she used to help her husband in his studio as his assistant to learn the art of photography.

Instead of being a bridal photographer Ms Allyson was more interested in taking photos of babies, children, pregnant mothers and small families. So they decided to start up Hanally Photography.

The name Hanally is actually a combination of the name Hansel and Ally.

Soooo… how do you like that?

Super-duper keeeeeeyyyyyyute (cute) overloaded kebabom-ness, right.

What are you waiting for?

Check out Hanally Photography now!!!

Toodles and assallamualaikum.

Jazakallahkhuhairan (*Thank you/May Allah SWT rewards you with goodness) for reading.


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