Me and LIFE?

Things have been….  a lot of challenges.

My baby is growing into the so-called ‘Terrible Twos’ when he is actually turning two in May……

There are so many things that he wants to tell me, I bet…  but he does not know how to express his feelings.

As an early childhood educator myself (who has to postpone her diploma study in ECE until god-knows-when!), I get stressed up as a mum trying to figure out what he wants to say.

Like…  he is hungry.

When I try to feed him food, he don’t wanna eat.

Instead he wants my breastmilk.

But I am also trying to wean him off….  which is to no avail.  Is that the word?

It has been a lot of challenges to weaning him off also!

I don’t know which formula milk outside there going to be the best milk…  I am afraid of him feeling constipated or bloated….  and we want to try to opt for goat’s milk because it is the second best milk after breast milk.

Arguments and arguments happen between me and Mr Hubby trying to figure out which is the best goat’s formula milk for our only baby son.

Sometimes….  it gets more annoyed when people like immediate family and frens keep asking… ‘So when is the next baby?’.

So like after that I figured…..

It happens to all of us, huh? Isn’t it…….


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