Little Dariena – review

alolo comeyyy....

How would you like to see your little girl wearing some pretty jubah / long dress like that above? I WOULD! If only I have a daugther….  huhu.

It is from Little Dariena.

You can try google or #littledariena and  facebook of Little Dariena Boutique would come out!

Ooooooh…  if only…..  if only I have a daugther.

I would dress her up in these pretty nice clothes complete with this shawl and small flower brooch at the head:


Even the shawl matches with the baju jubah long dress ya know….  so pretty overloaded!

Maybe one day….

I mean one fine day, I will get pregnant again with a baby girl.

That is when my baby boy turns eight or nine or ten years old or something like that.


Toodles and Assallamualaikum!

Thank you and Jazakallahkhukhairan for reading.


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