Rainy Days

Rainy days are here again in the late afternoon.

I like it when it rains.

The weather feels all nice and cool again.

Or else it would be nothing but scorching hot all day long that we could do two-three loads of laundry!

Well….  that is Malaysia for you.

It is 5.48pm.  My two year toddler boy is sleeping, the father is playing with his mobile phone while watching tv.

We just got back home from my parents for lunch earlier on. Five-minutes drive from their condominium.

Yea…  we stays in their condo, but they stay in some terrace house on land.


It was nice to catch up with your parents once in a while.


I try to tell myself to meet up my parents at least once or twice a week or something like that for they will not be living forever you know.

You see, my hubby’s parents died when he was young.  As young as his late teenage years, when he was in his late 20ish or more…..

I WOULD HAVE DIED if my parents died.

So you all with alive parents or grandparents.  Cherish them, visit them more often while they are still alive! When they are gone…..  you are sooo gonna miss them.


Parents and people do not live forever and we could all die anytime!

I know that I still missed my grandparents whom I called ‘opah’, atuk, ba’ and all…..  they make everything seem so nice and sweet.


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