Sounds classy…. Uh-huh….  but truthfully, what is ‘BY Eryssha’, I hear you say? Or who actually IS Errysha?

Errysha is derived from Rina’s second name, the origin-maker and owner of BY Errysha that specializes in making beautiful doorgifts for your special occasion, corporate events or even birthdays!

camel_design _FORWEB


I myself had chosen to hire BY Eryssha as Rina Eryssha seems to be trustworthy as well as reliable enough to present me with three initial mock-up design according to the concept motivation upon my very first child, Muhammad’s aqiqah day happened last 2015.

My design concept was: give me three graphic animals such as elephant, camel and other types of animal from stories of the Al Quran.

The best animal design was the camel, so Rina had developed the idea from there…..


Ta-dah! That is the final design…..

Oh yeah, my baby’s name is ‘Muhammad’. He is named after the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

He was three-months old baby at aqiqah.

Waaaahhh…  nice or not?

As an Early Childhood Educator myself, I always like seeing pretty, cute, children-like design and illustrations.  Amazingly those kind of things makes me happy the most.  Oh…  and babies toddlers and children…  Hehehe.

So like anyway….it is just sooooo cute… yet small and compact.

I had ordered 500 of it for RM1, 000.

But it is all up to you, really….  because BY Eryshaa would usually base the quantity and quality of the doorgifts according to the customer’s budget whether it is for RM500 to RM1,000 or more.  Kindly let Rina know in advance and come up with at least 50% deposit beforehand for her to get some of the raw materials to get started with.

Rina sent it over to my place all 500 cute, small doorgifts the day before our aqiqah event.  In front of my door you know.

She also requested to pay her off the remaining 50% balance after our aqiqah and wished the best for the event.  If she had it her way she would have come to our lovely aqiqah of our very first child, Muhammad.

Overall BY Eryssha delivers good service and I feel reliable with their presentation of my doorgifts.

So basically for more enquiry and a better deal kindly visit BY Eryssha Facebook page.

I DO NOT own BY Eryssha whatsoever.

Toodles and assallamualaikum.

Jazakallahkhuhairan (*May Allah SWT reward you with kindness / Thank you) for reading.


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