I AM A ‘Cat Mum’

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You know….  I figured that there are two types of mothers in this world nowadays.

The Cat Mum….. and the Tiger Mum.


The tiger mum is like those modern-mummies who do not give a damn about traditions, can be psycho-ly crazy over tiny little things (no sugar cookies/cakes for my baby!), must always get straight As for their children….  you know…. like… PSYCHO kind of thing.


Whereby the cat mum is always about traditions, maintain her health and beauty looks (like me! hehe…), still give a damn about the children’s results at school but do not turned psycho over tiny little things…..  u want cake? have one lah…. not much harm will do to u.   Let them try having some real food for real right…. anyway, u got B+ for ur exam paper? it’s ok…  u tried ur best kan…. it is not the end of the world.

At least not yet.

You see, Life is not about exams and papers.

And getting rich and stuff like it.

It is to be enjoyed and cherish it forever with your family.

Like this cat family…. auwwwwww……..




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