Sabah Di Bawah Bayu at UMS

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When my hubby told me that he was to go to this Special Conference Workshop at Universiti Malaysia Sabah in November 2016, located in Kota Kinabalu, I insisted him to tag over our baby toddler son together with him! I bet he would be feeling lonely going to Sabah for work missing his wife and only child.


The Sabah state has a graphic map that looks like a picture of a dog’s head, which is being widely known as the Land Below the Wind for its cozy weather.  It is less polluted, less noise and definitely less traffic jam than Kuala Lumpur (KL).  No wonder my cousin-teacher has decided to stay in Sabah for good, permanently when he got his work-placement there.  I would have chosen to work in Sabah over KL anytime myself.

Sabah is just soooooo nice and cozy.

I wished that we were never have to leave!!!!!!!

So like…..

We were lucky enough to stay so near to Pasar Filipina (The Phillipines Market) in front of the Le Meridien Hotel.  There were so many Sabah food and souvenir items for sale and definitely value for money that can also be bargained at such cheap price which happens to be such a great shopping experience.

Sabah also have very beautiful beaches, island hop-hopping activity whereby people often jumping from one island to another island for fun!

I reckon that on our last night there, we went to this Kadazan restaurant…somewhere at….  actually, I cannot remember where it was. LOL.


Anyway….  we went there because my teacher-boy cousin (picture above) recommended us to have some real, authentic Kadazan food.

kadazan menu

Now that it is the year 2017, I already am missing Sabah so much!!!

Our baby-toddler boy was just a mere 1 1/2months+ old at that time.

kadazan restoran

Oh Sabah…  I will come back for you.  Soon.

This time for Pulau Gaya.

I am looking forward to it.


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