Feeling Depressed?

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Today….  sometime in the afternoon, I was feeling so low and depressed.

It was after lunch actually.


I do not know why.

I just do not feel what I have been doing to myself for self-care is enough.

Or the fact that I have been too lazy to update this blog that is, ha!


Anyway….. I was playing on social media in my bedroom while I let him play with his food and watching cbeebies tv when he suddenly enters the bedroom and kiss me on my face, that is when I smelled something smelly.

“Sayang Muhammad, did you poop?” I ask him.

The two year old boy just laugh at me and kiss me again.

“Haiyah…. I am feeling ever so lazy to wash u larrr…. Later la I wash u!” so I continued playing on social media and took a short one-hour nap.


I mean I dont know…….  After one hour of napping I felt guilty for not washing up my two year old son’s poop so I quickly called him to do the washing.  He was ever so happy smiling away when he saw me getting out of bed.

Afterwards I invited him to go to the kitchen to do some baking and cooking.

Yes, we did some baking.

We make chocolate cake becoz my son have been asking for ‘cake’ during these past few days, holding the cupcake papers in the box.  He even helped with placing the cupcake papers and putting on the sprinkles.


Alhamdulillah Praise to Allah for my terrific two year old son helping me. As I also boiled some fettucine pasta to make fried fettucine or fettucine goreng for tomorrow as well as cooked one pot of rice for dinner.


Later at late afternoon as I made quite a lot of those chocolate cake, I decided to send some over to my neighbour on the sixth floor.  She is a Pharmacist and have a son same age as my son.  As in saying they were born on the same year, 2015.

I always feel so happy when I see her becoz at least that I have a friend to talk to and all I would be doing is always talking talking talking…. I hope she finds my company pleasureable, listening to my stories and everything else.


So like anyway, I got home after one hour there…….  shower, prayed maghrib berjemaah with Mr Hubby until my son wants some of my breastmilk that I had to fed him…..  to sleep. Yup.  He falls asleep.


On mylap.

On my lap



Sabah Di Bawah Bayu at UMS

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When my hubby told me that he was to go to this Special Conference Workshop at Universiti Malaysia Sabah in November 2016, located in Kota Kinabalu, I insisted him to tag over our baby toddler son together with him! I bet he would be feeling lonely going to Sabah for work missing his wife and only child.


The Sabah state has a graphic map that looks like a picture of a dog’s head, which is being widely known as the Land Below the Wind for its cozy weather.  It is less polluted, less noise and definitely less traffic jam than Kuala Lumpur (KL).  No wonder my cousin-teacher has decided to stay in Sabah for good, permanently when he got his work-placement there.  I would have chosen to work in Sabah over KL anytime myself.

Sabah is just soooooo nice and cozy.

I wished that we were never have to leave!!!!!!!

So like…..

We were lucky enough to stay so near to Pasar Filipina (The Phillipines Market) in front of the Le Meridien Hotel.  There were so many Sabah food and souvenir items for sale and definitely value for money that can also be bargained at such cheap price which happens to be such a great shopping experience.

Sabah also have very beautiful beaches, island hop-hopping activity whereby people often jumping from one island to another island for fun!

I reckon that on our last night there, we went to this Kadazan restaurant…somewhere at….  actually, I cannot remember where it was. LOL.


Anyway….  we went there because my teacher-boy cousin (picture above) recommended us to have some real, authentic Kadazan food.

kadazan menu

Now that it is the year 2017, I already am missing Sabah so much!!!

Our baby-toddler boy was just a mere 1 1/2months+ old at that time.

kadazan restoran

Oh Sabah…  I will come back for you.  Soon.

This time for Pulau Gaya.

I am looking forward to it.


Sounds classy…. Uh-huh….  but truthfully, what is ‘BY Eryssha’, I hear you say? Or who actually IS Errysha?

Errysha is derived from Rina’s second name, the origin-maker and owner of BY Errysha that specializes in making beautiful doorgifts for your special occasion, corporate events or even birthdays!

camel_design _FORWEB


I myself had chosen to hire BY Eryssha as Rina Eryssha seems to be trustworthy as well as reliable enough to present me with three initial mock-up design according to the concept motivation upon my very first child, Muhammad’s aqiqah day happened last 2015.

My design concept was: give me three graphic animals such as elephant, camel and other types of animal from stories of the Al Quran.

The best animal design was the camel, so Rina had developed the idea from there…..


Ta-dah! That is the final design…..

Oh yeah, my baby’s name is ‘Muhammad’. He is named after the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

He was three-months old baby at aqiqah.

Waaaahhh…  nice or not?

As an Early Childhood Educator myself, I always like seeing pretty, cute, children-like design and illustrations.  Amazingly those kind of things makes me happy the most.  Oh…  and babies toddlers and children…  Hehehe.

So like anyway….it is just sooooo cute… yet small and compact.

I had ordered 500 of it for RM1, 000.

But it is all up to you, really….  because BY Eryshaa would usually base the quantity and quality of the doorgifts according to the customer’s budget whether it is for RM500 to RM1,000 or more.  Kindly let Rina know in advance and come up with at least 50% deposit beforehand for her to get some of the raw materials to get started with.

Rina sent it over to my place all 500 cute, small doorgifts the day before our aqiqah event.  In front of my door you know.

She also requested to pay her off the remaining 50% balance after our aqiqah and wished the best for the event.  If she had it her way she would have come to our lovely aqiqah of our very first child, Muhammad.

Overall BY Eryssha delivers good service and I feel reliable with their presentation of my doorgifts.

So basically for more enquiry and a better deal kindly visit BY Eryssha Facebook page.

I DO NOT own BY Eryssha whatsoever.

Toodles and assallamualaikum.

Jazakallahkhuhairan (*May Allah SWT reward you with kindness / Thank you) for reading.

Little Dariena – review

alolo comeyyy....

How would you like to see your little girl wearing some pretty jubah / long dress like that above? I WOULD! If only I have a daugther….  huhu.

It is from Little Dariena.

You can try google or #littledariena and  facebook of Little Dariena Boutique would come out!

Ooooooh…  if only…..  if only I have a daugther.

I would dress her up in these pretty nice clothes complete with this shawl and small flower brooch at the head:


Even the shawl matches with the baju jubah long dress ya know….  so pretty overloaded!

Maybe one day….

I mean one fine day, I will get pregnant again with a baby girl.

That is when my baby boy turns eight or nine or ten years old or something like that.


Toodles and Assallamualaikum!

Thank you and Jazakallahkhukhairan for reading.

Hanally Photography – More Than Just Photos

Have you ever heard about baby toddler photography service?

Or photography for children and maternity photoshoots?

Aha! This is were Hanally Photography comes in as they can also cater a special photoshoot range for your special photo-moments such as birthdays or anniversaries, and anything according to the customer’s request.

For your information, Hanally is actually a collaboration team of husband and wife of Ms Allyson Chooi and Mr Hansel Lee. They can also cater for Muslim parents who wants to put on more moderate clothes for their children.  As for me, I requested to have my One year old to be photographed in a white long robe (jubah)….  Thus making him looks like Prophet Noah.

nabi nuh_sayang muhammad

How cute is that?

So now…. I tell you….   you should really consider about looking at the services offered by Hanally Photography.

It is because….. Hanally Photography do not just do professional photoshoots for newborns, babies, toddlers or children, but they also do maternity and family portrait photoshoots at such reasonable price ranging from:
Baby Toddler photoshoot:

Baby Package of RM168 with:

4×6 Photo print (8 pcs)
8×12 Photo print (1 pcs)
Total of 3 Outfit changes (1 studio outfit + 2 customers own outfits)
Indoor photoshoot
Total 10 pcs soft copies same as hardcopy chosen by customers


Maternity photoshoot with:

Maternity Package of RM448

Album 4×6 10 pages

8×12 framed photo

Total costumes for photoshoot (1 studio costumed and 2 customers own costumes)

One Make up and  Hairdo

Indoor and outdoor photoshoot

Total 10pcs soft copies same as album


Located just within Petaling Jaya in Selangor, or more specifically at:

ABCDE Center A108M Kelana Parkview Condo, Jalan SS 6/2, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor.




Interestingly Hanally just got started in September 2016 and a FB page was setup later in November 2016.

But, but….  basically how did Hanally Photography begins, actually?

Well…..  Mr Hansel Lee started his own studio in Ipoh called Lovette wedding studio in 2014 after being a freelance photographer for many years. That is also the same year Ms Allyson had fallen in love with photography. Consequently she used to help her husband in his studio as his assistant to learn the art of photography.

Instead of being a bridal photographer Ms Allyson was more interested in taking photos of babies, children, pregnant mothers and small families. So they decided to start up Hanally Photography.

The name Hanally is actually a combination of the name Hansel and Ally.

Soooo… how do you like that?

Super-duper keeeeeeyyyyyyute (cute) overloaded kebabom-ness, right.

What are you waiting for?

Check out Hanally Photography now!!!

Toodles and assallamualaikum.

Jazakallahkhuhairan (*Thank you/May Allah SWT rewards you with goodness) for reading.

Lazy Sunday


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This morning we woke up to get ready to our two year old baby toddler son’s swimming class due at 10.30am.

By the time we got home it was almost 12pm.

We had some lunch and had a long nap till 3-4ish pm.

Mr hubby got up at 3ish and left me to go to the shop.

I tot that he went to the gym becoz I woke up later at 4ish, but he left his gym bag at home.

Later I called him and he sed dat he is not going to the gym today.

I am like…. whutt?? I tot u always want to go to the gym every Saturday and Sunday because you pay your membership to enter only on those days.

He sed dat he needs to cook dinner.

If he go to the gym today, dinner will be late…. everything will b late bla bla blahh….

Which makes me feel like going out for a swim downstairs at our condo, but im like feeling ever so lazy to do so becoz there were a bunch of children at the pool.

So he’s like why don’t you swim early tomorrow morning when there s nobody around?

Yeah…  you’re correct!

As early as 7am.


More “Family” Time

Dear beloved blog,

I am sorry that I have not been religious enough to always blog like what I had planned before.

I mean I was supposed to blog at least…. AT LEAST! ONCE  a month or sumthing like that.

But I did not.

I have been too bz and too lazy to even consider to turn on the computer and get online because I feel that I like to spend more time with my family more since my baby son is turning two years old and four months soon enough in two days time, in sya Allah.

Jeez…. when you become a mum, having a child makes the world or the time moves so sooo much more faster. When I was a kid I felt that the world moved so slow or that I was growing up too slow.


It is sooo difficult to type anything when I have this scaly, dry itchy, eczma skin on all of my ten fingers…..  This is very annoying! All I wanna do is just scratch them non-stop!

Having Difficulty Sleeping

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NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT take coffee at night, especially if after 9pm!

Maybe it was the coffee that I had late (was it late, after 9pm?) last night, or maybe I  think too much about having a second child.  I had some difficulty going to sleep….  I keep thinking and thinking and worry about getting pregnant again, hopefully with a baby girl next time.

Truth be told….  I have been meaning to have a baby girl of my own ever since I was young.

Wayyyyyy before I got married.  I think as young as 9 years old?


U c how young that was?

I dont know why I was thinking like that at that age.

What I do know is ….  as I grow up into my teenage and adult years, I feel like I want to have a girl companion, my own girl, my doter to accompany me to go soping for shoes, clothes, make-ups, have the same pink and purple fashion likes, go to salon, do manicures and other stuff.

I am like always envying other mothers who get to dress up their girls.


Or even get to wear mother-doter pretty dresses and put on make ups together, plus do lotsa girly things together!

But then sometimes I tell myself to always feel grateful that I only have a son for now.

I dont have to deal with girl-angst, or trouble with dealing with my doter being heartbroken by a really bad boy that she likes….  or….

Or…..  puberty red-blood period era that is so full of confusion and crazy teenage years.

Maybe I should just get on with the flow and not to worry too much about not having a second child or a girl.

If Allah SWT, GOD permits me to have a baby girl…. I will.

If I don’t, I will still be grateful for at least I have a son.

While there are lotsa other people in this world dont even have children of their own after years of marriage.

Alhamdulillah for that.  Grace to Allah.

I AM A ‘Cat Mum’

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You know….  I figured that there are two types of mothers in this world nowadays.

The Cat Mum….. and the Tiger Mum.


The tiger mum is like those modern-mummies who do not give a damn about traditions, can be psycho-ly crazy over tiny little things (no sugar cookies/cakes for my baby!), must always get straight As for their children….  you know…. like… PSYCHO kind of thing.


Whereby the cat mum is always about traditions, maintain her health and beauty looks (like me! hehe…), still give a damn about the children’s results at school but do not turned psycho over tiny little things…..  u want cake? have one lah…. not much harm will do to u.   Let them try having some real food for real right…. anyway, u got B+ for ur exam paper? it’s ok…  u tried ur best kan…. it is not the end of the world.

At least not yet.

You see, Life is not about exams and papers.

And getting rich and stuff like it.

It is to be enjoyed and cherish it forever with your family.

Like this cat family…. auwwwwww……..



Muhammad – my child

This is a poem that I composed upon the birth of my child.

We inserted this poem inside our baby’s aqiqah book:



It was on May 20, 2015 that you were born

Way overdue ten days later

Staying inside my tummy for a mere ten months, ten days!

When you should have been out on May 10, 2015 instead

You even wanted to continue sleeping

After being delivered normally, but vacuumed @1240pm

For the next six more hours as you only cried for a while

Once you were out.

Oh my baby Muhammad

How we both love you so

As we prayed day and night continuously

When you got conceived.

Be a soleh boy, my son and make us proud

In this dunya life towards akhirah

Lots and lots of love

From Umi Hanisah and Abi Amirrudin.


Rainy Days

Rainy days are here again in the late afternoon.

I like it when it rains.

The weather feels all nice and cool again.

Or else it would be nothing but scorching hot all day long that we could do two-three loads of laundry!

Well….  that is Malaysia for you.

It is 5.48pm.  My two year toddler boy is sleeping, the father is playing with his mobile phone while watching tv.

We just got back home from my parents for lunch earlier on. Five-minutes drive from their condominium.

Yea…  we stays in their condo, but they stay in some terrace house on land.


It was nice to catch up with your parents once in a while.


I try to tell myself to meet up my parents at least once or twice a week or something like that for they will not be living forever you know.

You see, my hubby’s parents died when he was young.  As young as his late teenage years, when he was in his late 20ish or more…..

I WOULD HAVE DIED if my parents died.

So you all with alive parents or grandparents.  Cherish them, visit them more often while they are still alive! When they are gone…..  you are sooo gonna miss them.


Parents and people do not live forever and we could all die anytime!

I know that I still missed my grandparents whom I called ‘opah’, atuk, ba’ and all…..  they make everything seem so nice and sweet.